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Dear colleague,

We are pleased to announce you that the Eastern Journal of European
Studies (EJES), edited by the Center for European Studies, within
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, is currently accepting
papers for publication in December issue, entitled “Ukrainian crisis.
Rethinking geopolitics in Europe”.

This thematic issue seeks to answer some of the challenges that the EU’s
Eastern proximity is currently facing and will unpack the region’s
security implications brought about by the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine.
It seeks to make a contribution to the current literature by trying to
address some critical questions from a twofold perspective – theoretical
and empirical. What impact the unfolding Ukrainian crisis has on the
geopolitics of the region? Does this crisis signal a sudden and
irreversible move to Realist thinking and Cold War type-geopolitical
rivalries? How does this crisis affect the EU’s actions and instruments in
the neighbourhood?

This issue follows up the 2013 thematic issue on the EU’s Eastern
Neighbourhood (guest editor: Erhard Busek), focusing on the current
geopolitical crisis in Europe. The guest editor of current issue, Angelo
Rosato, senior researcher fellow at CeSPi, Italy, and analyst for NATO
Defence College, has a valuable research in EU, Balkans, Eastern Europe
and Russia strategic and geopolitical issues.

Given your expertise in the field and the contribution which you could
bring to promoting knowledge in European Studies, we would kindly invite
you to consider our journal for the option to publish your research
results in this thematic issue. The types of papers can be: theoretical
or/and empirical analyses, comparative studies, and case studies.

EJES is a peer-reviewed academic journal with a wider international
visibility, being an open access journal, indexed by relevant

The deadline for submitting papers is 30th October.

Detailed information about the journal, the guidelines for authors, as
well as past issues of the journal can be found at

With best regards, on behalf of the editorial team,

Editor in chief,
Professor Gabriela Carmen Pascariu