Oleksandr Ivanov

Ph.D. in History, Docent (Assosiate Professor)


Prof. Ivanov gives lectures on a regular course of Western Europe and Northern America countries’ History, as well as optional courses “Political Structure Formation in Western Countries”, “Contemporary Social and Economic Development of Germany”. In collaboration with the department colleagues, he has designed a course and syllabus along with the teaching materials. Did research and lecturing at a number of universities in Germany: Leipzig (1987/8), Regensburg (1999), Konstanz (2002).

Dr Ivanov’s research interests are in the following areas: Foreign Historiography, Social History of Ethnic Germans of Ukraine, Contemporary Political History of Germany, Mutual Germany-Ukraine Influence in Contemporary History. He has published over 50 papers, out of which 26 – for the last 10 years, including 2 chapters in collective monographs, research papers related to the issues of social and political history of FRG. Dr Ivanov was a translation editor of “The Atlas of World History” and other research papers of German authors. He participated in the international research project “Developments and Inertia in the Transformation of East and South-East European Countries”, which was managed by the Bavarian Researcher Association for Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (FOROST), as well as in 3 projects within the framework of a special DAAD programme «Support for Democracy in Ukraine». The outcomes of the projects have been published in 5 papers in Germany. Dr Ivanov supervises PhD students, 8 of which have got PhD degrees: I.Dudko, O.Pokotylo, Ya.Chornogor, I.Ivan’kov, T.Kupriy, V.Yaremenko, V.Levykin, N.Gusieva.

In 1997-2005 Dr Ivanov acted as a collaboration coordinator for the HEI Rectors’ Conferences of Germany and Ukraine. He also participated in the preparation of Ukrainian-German Agreement on Cooperation in Higher Education Area (1998), as well as in organization of two international conferences for higher education representatives of Ukraine and Germany (Bonn 2001, Crimea 2003). From 2000 he was a Deputy Head, and in 2008-2011 – Head of International Relations Office of the University.